What I Offer As A Freelance Teacher Trainer?

A Passionate Educator With 25 years Experience In Education Sector. Expertise In The Topics Which Are given Below

Online Sessions

“I provide customized training sessions, catering to the specific requirements of schools, and offer both online and offline modalities to accommodate diverse learning preferences.”

                                                                                                    The Topics which I cover!

1.”Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Teaching”

2.       “Igniting Curiosity: Science Teaching Strategies for Educators”

3.       “AI in Education: Empowering Teachers for Tomorrow’s Classroom”

4.       “Transforming Education: Implementing the NEP in Your Classroom”

5.       “Positive Discipline Solutions for Today’s Classroom Challenges”

6.       “Creating a Culture of Learning: Effective Classroom Management Strategies”

7.       “Mastering the Art of Innovative Teaching: A Comprehensive Workshop”

8.       “Teaching in the Digital Age: An Educator’s Guide”

9.       “STEM Exploration: Experiential Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math”

10.   “Experiential Learning in Early Childhood Education: Playful Exploration”

11.   Fostering Curiosity through Experiential Learning beyond classroom

12.   Mastering Integration of Technology Into Teaching

Addressing Principals & Directors On NEP 2020

At Bhopal With Principals & Directors

Addressed the implementation challenges of The National Education Policy 2020 which is a comprehensive framework aimed at transforming the education system in India to meet the challenges of the 21st century and foster a more inclusive, flexible, and holistic approach to learning and development.


At Indore With Principals & Directors

Discussion on the three-language formula of NEP 2020, where students will learn three languages, including their mother tongue, as part of the curriculum. However, the policy also provides flexibility in the choice of languages. Also a greater emphasis on vocational education and skills development to make students job-ready and to reduce unemployment were also part of the discussion

At Bhopal With Principals & Directors

Addressing disparities in education, including those related to socio-economic status and disabilities, to ensure equal access and opportunities for all. Also moving towards a more competency-based assessment system to evaluate students’ skills and abilities rather than rote memorization and encouraging research and innovation in higher education institutions and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship were discussed in detail.

What stood out the most was your emphasis on creating a positive and nurturing learning environment. Your guidance on effective classroom management and the importance of positive discipline resonated with all of us, and I am confident that the knowledge and skills we gained from your workshop will significantly benefit our teaching practices.
Matrix High School, Sikar
I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding workshop you conducted on Classroom Management and Positive Discipline. It was truly an enlightening and enriching experience, and I want to commend you for your expertise and dedication.
Saint Paul's School, Kota

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